About us
It all began on a very rainy day. (Spoiler alert: it’s not romantic, but you may like it).

Rain is cool, rain is uncool. Well, that’s a tough topic. Some may bring up the romantic argument: “Yay, it’s snuggle time on the couch with your significant other in front of the TV!”. Right? Not.

Fact: depending on the rainfall intensity, satellite TV signal gets weaker and weaker. And what if you have no significant other next to you and all you wanted was your cold beer and your long awaited soccer match on the pay-TV?
At least you can still have your beer. Fair.

Well, we’ve all been there. Seriously, we’ve been on that couch. We had no match to watch, no significant other in that very moment, not even a beer to drink (yeah, we know). But we started pondering seriously about this satellite signal issue. This is how Smart Rainfall System was born.
Jokes aside, our pondering took us pretty far. We founded our startup, Artys, in 2014, after a fruitful cooperation with Darts Engineering and the deparments DITEN and DICCA of the University of Genoa; we were a spin-off of the university until June 2021 indeed.

Our real time, HD rainfall and risk monitoring system is our company’s first milestone. We have a concrete idea of what kind of reality you experience when a flood is going on. The reason we were sitting on that couch is that we felt the duty to join our cross-disciplinary skills in order to develop a functional, relevant and truly innovative hydrogeological monitoring solution.

We did it. But there’s  so much more we are working on.

Our company is here to find, more in general, pertinent and highly technological solutions for environmental monitoringWe have the vision to it. No matter if it’s on or off that couch.

Now let us introduce ourselves:

Alessandro DelucchiCo-founder & CEO

Alessandro Delucchi

Co-founder & CEO

Experienced executive, with leadership skills and strong technical background, he is co-founder and CEO at Artys and President at DARTS Engineering – an ICT consulting company.
He has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and project management as an external consultant and IT Director.
Responsible for solutions design as well as technical leadership for teams varying from 5 to 15 members, he is passionate about innovation and new technologies.

Matteo ColliCTO // Rainfall Retrieval & Hydrological Models

Matteo Colli

CTO // Rainfall Retrieval & Hydrological Models

Formerly Research Fellow at the DITEN and DICCA Department of UNIGE, he collaborated with the World Meteorological Organization – WMO Lead Centre “B.Castelli” on Precipitation Intensity. He conducts development activities of hydro-geological risk now-casting systems, environmental monitoring techniques and computational fluid-dynamics.